We’re excited about playing at the EFG London Jazz Festival on Wednesday 15th November at Pizza Express, Dean Street. It’s free entry, but diners can reserve a table. Doors 12 noon, showtime is 1pm.

Entropi Pizza Express 15th Nov LJF

Entropi explores a narrative of life-pondering, space gazing and risk-taking through Dee Byrne’s compositions. Juggling order and chaos, composition and improvisation, the group takes listeners on a journey with compelling group interplay, strong themes, open-ended improvisation, dark grooves and interweaving melodic textures.

The ensemble comprises alto saxophonist, composer and bandleader Dee Byrne, trumpeter Andre Canniere, keyboardist Rebecca Nash, drummer Matt Fisher and bassist Olie Brice. Having performed live together for some time, the band has achieved a striking empathy and freedom to take risks.


‘Intense, muscular jazz voyage.’ ★★★★ The Guardian (full review)

‘Byrne’s second album possesses both maturity and complexity but crucially it’s imbued with its own cohesive energy.’ ★★★★ All About Jazz (full review)

‘The word is starting to get out. Entropi are now ready for bigger stages.’
LondonJazz News (full review)

Entropi is supported by PRS for Music Foundation and Arts Council England