We are excited about our next gig for the EFG London Jazz Festival as part of a three night special at LUME (Long White Cloud, 151 Hackney Road, Hoxton) on Thursday 20th November! We’ll be playing alongside Cath Roberts’ fabulous band Quadraceratops. Fun times ahead!

Get your advance tickets HERE!

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The London Jazz Festival comes to LUME next Thursday 21st November and I’ll be playing with my band Entropi alongside Cath Roberts‘ band Quadraceratops. Address: Hundred Crows Rising, 58 Penton St, London, N1 9PZ

Dee Byrne  – alto saxophone/compositions

Andre Canniere – trumpet

Rebecca Nash – keys

Sandy Suchodolski – bass

Matt Fisher – drums

Click HERE to see us listed on the official London Jazz Festival website.

Here’s a clip of a recent gig at the Amersham Arms with Andre Canniere, Rebecca Nash, Olie Brice and Matt Fisher.